Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am back at work and loving it. I am still on a few orientation shifts where I am with another nurse just until I learn the ropes at this hospital. I still need to get a little more of my confidence back but it sure is great to be back in scrubs and clocking in to labor and delivery. It is no surprise that watching a baby come into the world is a miracle. I think it is absolutely glorious, fabulous, miraculous, and awe inspiring. I am, however, not only awe inspired but a total softy. I have been in 2 deliveries this week and had to choke away the tears both times. I guess that is why I love what I do. It is such an honor to be with women as they enter into a new phase of their lives. Whether it be their first baby or fifth, it is always so great to see the joy in their faces as they are handed a new bundle! I pray God uses me in this next phase of my life as I transition back into the hospital (only one day a week though) and share in the birthing experience of countless women to come.

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i'm glad you're enjoying being back at work after a five year absence. personally, i choke back tears everytime i see the "baby's daddy" holding their small child for the first time in one arm, while already [seemingly innately] being capable of "multi-tasking" as evidenced by the ability to use the other simultaneously to hold up their own pants at or below the buttcrack.

sorry... didn't want to "hijack" your post, but just thought i'd comment since there weren't any, yet.

your patients are fortunate to have a caring nurse to labor alongside of them.

as for myself, i'm fortunate enough to find humor in circumstances that repeatedly present themselves on a daily basis.

it takes a special person to love l&d from both the labor nurse and anesthesia perspective. unlike you, i'm not that special. imo, too many "baby's daddy's" that shouldn't be reproducing. makes me scared for our country's future.

Kristina--Picky Tots said...

Welcome back to the work world--what an incredible job you have! I think it speaks volumes that you are so touched by these women and the new lives, everyone wants a nurse like that to be supportive at such an important time! go you

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