Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The tooth fairy

When Jackson was 2, he fell and hit his mouth on our wood floors. The floor did not give, his tooth did. It died but has stayed intact up until this year. It has slowly discolored as the root dissolved and yesterday the time had come to have it extracted. It was painful for him to brush his teeth with some nerves exposed on the back side so the dentist said it had to come out. Jackson was not happy about this at all and was hoping that a trip to the dentist meant she could fix it, not pull it. When he came home one tooth less in his mouth, he was devistated. A talk about the fairy's visit was no comfort but he finally calmed down and we got him to bed. Here are a few pics from yesterday and this morning. I will have to get used to his new look. The dentist said it could be up to 8 months before the new tooth is ready to come in. sigh.

Just after getting home from the dentist...not a happy camper.

Little brother showing off and wanting attention.

Jackson before school this morning.

Jackson showing off the new hole in his head.

puttin the tooth out for the tooth fairy.

adjusting to the idea of the tooth fairy coming!
*sorry the pictures are out of order, having posting issues!

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