Sunday, July 17, 2011

Show us your life...

The title of my blog is Marbles from Heaven because my boys are true miracles.  We were told that we would not be able to conceive without help from modern infertility treatments.  After TONS of prayer we conceived not one, but 2 babies with no help except from the Lord!! Jackson is my 7 year old and Logan is now 5 1/2.  I really wish I had had a blog back then...will have to dust off the journals and prayer books!!

Baby #1

So with the first pregnancy I will never forget taking that first, then second, third, and yes, fourth pregnancy test!! We had a prescription for Clomid on the fridge.  Had been to countless appointments for blood work and ultrasounds of my follicles.  We had seen month after month of negative ovulation on the predictor kits and countless negative pregnancy tests.  I would have boxes of pregnancy tests from the dollar store under my bathroom counter for the just in case I was late.  I remember working several of my 12 hour night shifts in a row this particular week and watching the calendar for the what if month of maybe being late.  My last shift of the week ended and I went home and collapsed in exhaustion.  When I got up to pee at around noon something inside told me to take a pregnancy test.  I got one out, you know the drill...set it aside and waited.  Still so tired, I glanced at it, threw the negative test away and went back to bed.  When I got up around 3 in the afternoon, I happened to look down in the trash and notice a faint blue line where I had not seen one before.  My heart raced.  Could it be??  I dug through the cabinet desperate to find another test...none.  I couldn't believe it.  I couldn't get a hold of my hubby who was in anesthesia school at the time and scheduled for a late night.  I finally got him and told him to please go to the drug store on his way home...he was fine with that since we had been through this so many times before.  He bought 2 double packs.  I took, one, POSITIVE, started crying.  Took the second, POSITIVE, crying turned to sobbing...3 and 4 were positive too!!  Both my husband and I wept together as we couldn't believe God had given us a miracle!!! I started making phone calls that night...told the girls at work when I got there, we shouted from the rooftops because we had been trying for so long!! It was awesome!! My mom was in Louisiana and we were living in Kansas City so I called her right away and she started crying immediately!  We rejoiced together on the phone!

 Here is the picture from my scrapbook page with me holding 2 tests and my husband holding the other 2 while I'm on the phone with my mom!!

So, Baby #2

After being blessed with one miracle, we never dreamed we would get 2!  I'll never forget the week after Jackson's first birthday, I was still nursing and very irregular with my cycles.  I just had a hunch and took a test, I couldn't believe when it was positive!! I wrote a poem to my hubby and waited until he came home from work.  I asked him to check the mail and had put the poem in the pile.  I set up a video camera and let him find the poem and he read it and was SHOCKED!  It was priceless...really wish I could find that poem...Will keep looking!!

And so God is writing the story of our family...

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These are fun stories! Thanks for sharing. Kelly

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