Friday, July 1, 2011


Another wonderful week has flown by...this summer is just going way too fast! Linking up again today for my week in review via my iphone pics with the awesome app Instagram!

We have a new frozen yogurt place called Berry Tart, the boys LOVED it!!
I never miss my morning Plexus Slim! 1 bottle, that's it! Great way to lose weight, naturally!!
Awesome Birthday party at a yacht club! Amazing! There was a sailboat race going on! So pretty to watch!  The kids had a blast playing in the pool with new friends and cousins!

When it's 100 degrees, there's only a few things to do!! SWIM!

They are growing up too fast!
 Yard work! :)

Happy 4th of July Weekend!!

...and this is me this morning in my new t-shirt!! (21 pounds lighter and 14.5 inches smaller!)

Don't forget to check out Life Rearranged!!!!! Great blog!


Anonymous said...

LOVE that sailboat picture. So fun!

Anonymous said...

love the sailboats!

christi @ burlap and basil said...

love the photo in the pool - looks like so much fun and so natural! congrats on the weight loss - you look marvelous!

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