Thursday, July 28, 2011


So this pregnancy thing is really great...except when it's not.  I don't do pregnancy well at all.  I was very sick with both of my other pregnancies and knew it was coming when I found out with this one.  Last week I had just very little nausea, tolerable and able to function.  The last 24 hours has hit hard.  I went to bed at 8 last night and woke up sick today.  Spent the morning throwing up until I could get my Zofran in me and some greasy food! (mcdonald's always helps me, thus the extreme weight gain the last 2 times around)  I vowed early on that I would not blow up like a whale this time.  It is so hard when the only thing that helps me feel better is a full stomach of really bad food.  Would it be awful to mention that I had McDonald's for breakfast, Chick fil a for lunch and Waffle House for dinner? Well, I did, and am feeling ok right now.  Hoping for a good night sleep so I can be ready to do it all over again tomorrow.  I know I'm going to be excited eventually, but right now, it is so hard knowing that I was so sick for so long with the other 2.  I am praying continually for strength and peace through this whole thing.  It is all still a little shocking and I'm still adjusting to the idea. 

We had planned a quick getaway before I knew I was preggo, so we went ahead and took the boys to the beach.  I felt ok some of the time but know that I was a drag a lot.  My poor hubby has so much to put up with!  Anyway, here are a few pics from our quick trip!!


Anonymous said...

hoping that you start feeling better soon! thanks for sharing your pictures. I'm right across the street if you ever need anything :)

Misti said...

I don't do pregnancy well, either. I will definitely be praying for you and eat whatever you can keep down...I ate bags and bags of Doritos this time around, lots of McD's and frozen pizza the first time around, and I don't really remember what I did with Lynnsie - the second time around. Hope you feel better soon!

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