Monday, November 29, 2010

we will survive!

another day, another trip to the doctor...well, the hospital actually for a follow up chest x-ray and lab work for jackson.  he had a temp of 99.2 which is usually nothing to worry about, but for him, any little change is worth noting.  the pulmonologist found out today that we had a little oops with his call nurse and ended up going to our regular peds office on friday after the bactrim incident.  he was upset that we weren't connected with him and wanted to follow up and see how jackson was doing.  he stayed home from school today and we got a lot of make-up work done.  he is coloring thank you notes right now and feeling pretty good considering.  here are a few pics from the last weeks to catch up!

jackson coming home from the hospital!

my parents made us the most amazing thanksgiving dinner ever!

all of jackson's meds he is home on...

working on getting christmas up!!

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