Monday, November 22, 2010

not gonna lie...

This is so hard.  Watching my 6 year old lay in this hospital bed and sleep is one of the hardest things we have dealt with.  Yes, I'm keeping in all in perspective...he's not on death's door, not even close. But this is still so hard.  IV's, medicines, treatments, tests, questions...and it's my first born.  After days of ups and downs, today I'm trying to feel optimistic although I am so very weary.  Last night after visitors were gone, little brother was safely with gramma, and all was quiet, john and I spent some wonderful time in the only thing that would make us feel better, prayer.  With our precious gift from God sound asleep in his hospital bed, my hubby and I prayed and cried and asked God to touch and heal his little body so we can go home with a happy and healthy 6 year old.

quote of the night from jackson:
"mom, I feel  yucky, moist...I think I have liquid in my bones."

poor kid doesnt' even know how to say how he feels...

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