Saturday, November 27, 2010

no shopping for me!

trying to get settled back in at home. cleaning and going to start putting christmas up.  yesterday we were back at the doctor after a terrible night of jackson itching and severe diarrhea.  we think his body is reacting to the Bactrim because he has been on antibiotics for 22 days.  the doctor said it may not be a true allergy, but we stopped both the bactrim and the rifampin! jackson is still on his steroids, breathing treatments, mucinex, and using his IS and acapella for breathing exercises.  this morning he looks great and is feeling so much better!! we will go for a chest xray on thursday and update with the ped pulmonologist.  hope everyone had a great thanksgiving! i am so thankful for my amazing family, my precious boys, my faith that gets me through the especially hard times, and that we are home from the hospital after a crazy long week!!!

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