Friday, November 19, 2010

all the days run together...

a few posts ago, I tried to make a log of jackson and everthing that had been going on with him.  he was fever free for the last week although his cough persisited.  He went back to school and had a pretty good week last week.  He was still getting breathing treatments 3x a day and would want to rest after school, but overall, seemed to be hanging in there. On Wednesday the 17th, Jackson came out of his classroom at pickup and came straight over to me and hugged me.  He said he felt bad and didn't want to play tag, (a ritual that has been fun for the kids after the bell rings...they all hang out and play tag while us mom's talk for 15 min.  Jackson lives for that free time with his friends.  I immediately thought, uh oh.)  We went home, started another breathing treatment and talked about the fact that he lost his jacket at school.  He said he took it off because he was so hot all day.  I went over to hug him, and sure enough, burning up...101 fever.  I call the pediatrician who says come in right now.  Get to the office by 4:30 and see our doctor who is concerned at the lenghth of time this poor kiddo has been fighting infection and now 3rd spike in temp over the last few weeks.  Need chest x-ray...head to ER because the outpt lab is now closed.  wait an hour, get x ray, wait another hour to get film to take home.  Head home, exhausted with jackson who is feeling terrible with the fever.  My hubby and I talked about our potential option and have a bad gut feeling.  Jackson has already been on 3 antibiotics and nothing is working.  Phone rings at 8pm...our pediatrician is on the phone, calmly and patiently she describes her thoughts on my baby who is not fighting off this pneumonia.  She says xray looks worse and we need to head to the hospital for a direct admit to peds.  He is in need of IV antibiotic (Vancomycin) for this apparent resistant pneumonia.  I try to hold it together til we at least get off the phone, and knew this was coming.  Tears flow as soon as I hang up the phone.  I try to compose my self and my thoughts enough to pack a bag, get some things together for jackson, and head back to the ER for a direct admit.  I called my mom who was over in 10 min and she took car of Logan so john and I could go to the hospital together.  Jackson was blissfully unaware of what all of this meant and packed his bag happily grabbing a pillow, blanket and the book, Froggy has a sleepover.  He was excited for his first hospital sleepover.  Logan on the other hand burst into tears and cried for his brother and kept saying, "I need my brother! I love my brother! I need to sleep with my brother tonight." It broke my heart.

Once admitted the nurse started his IV and got it first try.  Jackson was a champ and tried not to cry.  The Vancomycin was started along with breathing treatments around the clock with chest percussion therapy. tired...will try to fill in story more later

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