Sunday, February 12, 2012

Lazy Day

We stayed home from church today and played hookie, something we usually never do.  I contracted all day yesterday after basketball game, piano recital, and soccer game.  So we thought today should be low key.  Even though that always ends up including house work and haircuts and homework, and other mandatory things that mommy's never get to take off from!  It's cold here today, first real day of winter we've had all season.  I'm in jammies and slippers and had a fire in the fireplace last night.  I ready to meet this little one.  I'm anxious for my doctor appointment tomorrow.  He'll probably check me after a weekend of contractions that I didn't call him about.  I SO swollen too.  I knew my body had issues with being pregnant, it's still hard to feel huge and look so different.  Everyone has a comment for me, and I mean EVERYONE!!! I can't go anywhere without gasps and shrieks and comments about needing to get straight to the hospital before I deliver right on the sidewalk! I just smile and say, no, it's not quite time... thinking to myself, they would die if they knew I wasn't due until the middle of March!

In other issues, I just got the new iphone 4s and I can't get it to sync or get my pictures off of it, used to upload all my instagram stuff to post, and now, nothing! SO frustrating!! THoughts?

Hope you are all having a wondeful weekend!  I'll keep ya posted about my appointment in the morning!

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