Saturday, February 25, 2012

baby wreath

So I've had several requests for learning how to make the baby wreath I put together for Hudson's hospital door.  I didn't take any pictures in the before and during stage I am posting the video I used to teach myself! Once you get the hang of poofing and turning, it is really up to you as far as how to do it and what to add to embellish!!  I used a CHEAP, clearance, Christmas wreath, not the one in the video, and it worked great.  Just as long as you have some wire branches to wrap the wide mesh ribbon with.  I also get my mesh ribbon at Hobby Lobby.  I go twice around the wreath mainly to cover the green christmas garland look.  I start on the outside and wrap a little tighter than the video shows and then keep going around a second time on the inside to fill in! I'll try to get a few more pictures posted of wreaths I've done too! Just started over Christmas and they made GREAT and inexpensive gifts!!!!

This first video shows the wreath like I used! Yes, the $5 sale christmas wreath! The second video shows exactly how to poof and turn!!! Hope this helps!

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