Monday, August 17, 2009

not me monday...

I have the most horrible not me monday post ever. I feel like a terrible mom. I most certainly did NOT in any way wait 3 days after my oldest son jackson fell and stubbed his toes really bad to take him to the doctor. And I definately would not take him to a birthday party and let him swim when he complained that his foot was hurting (even though the whole rest of the day it felt fine). And I in no way would have gone to the gym today to workout and let him jump in the space walk only to come home and see a purple and swollen foot. I did not then freak out, rush him to the doctor for x-rays, and then sit stunned when they told me my five year old HAD A BROKEN FOOT!!! NOPE NOT ME! Because that would be horrible...and I would feel terrible. sigh.


Jenna said...

Oh no, that is no fun!!! Poor little guy! Boys!!! I am just waiting for the day something like this happens with my boys. Jace is ALWAYS jumping off of things, scares me to death..and my husband thinks that I am freaking out over the littlest things!

So glad you got the Wal-Mart tank top :) I've worn mine several times and think it's so cute!

Hope you have a better week :)

Anonymous said...

When you have one son who thinks he's broken something all the time, you learn to be "reasonable" when it comes to their bumps and bruises. All our sons play sports, but the second one, well, let's just say that my husband says the bone doc has more picts of him than we do.

Don't beat yourself up! He'll never let you forget--that's your punishment. However, sometimes with our children it's difficult to tell the severity!

Lynnette Kraft said...

Oh, bless your heart. Don't feel bad - it's almost never right to just rush right off to the doctor. You took him when you knew it was time.

This is my first visit to your blog. Not quite sure how I found you, but here I am! :)

It's nice to meet you. Your little boys are both just precious.

Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

Annie said...

oh my goodness!
hope he heals quick :)
i can totally relate!
i was watching 4 little boys a while back and one fell outside and complained of his arm hurting, i figured it was just sore. his mom brought him to the doctor the next day and turns out he broke his arm! i felt so bad :|

Kristina said...

Oh poor thing!!! Look at him though, what a trooper, smiling in all of those broken leg pictures!! Maybe I will get to meet you guys in person one day! ASHA convention in New Orleans this year :)

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