Saturday, May 16, 2009

random thoughts...

I am blessed.

Being a mom is the best job in the world.

Logan feels the need to approve or disapprove of my hair style choice on an hourly basis. Should I be worried?? Regular quote, "mom, you put your hair up, I love it!" or "mom, go fix your hair, I don't like it." He is genuinely concerned about ponytails, clips, straight, up, down, curled, or heaven forbid I just got out of the shower and it is wet! That is when I get the mom, go fix your hair, please!!! He notices everything.

I don't know what our plan is for jackson this summer. Therapy? Camps? VBS? Feeling like I need to plan but don't want to stress and worry about schedules.

Always need a note pad, can never find one. Note to self: buy note pads.

Love that my mom checks in regularly and truly cares about my plans.

I have an illness. No more room for flowers to plant so I keep thinking about where my next new flower bed could be. Buying and planting flowers makes me happy.

I am sad that Pre-K is almost over. I am even more sad that jackson does not understand that he won't see miss Noel all summer and how disappointed he is going to be when he does realize that. It has been a great year for him and I am so proud!

My Bible is dusty. It is on my bed side table, I look at it everynight and don't open it. That makes me sad.

I love the beach, the waves, the sand, the sun. It truly makes me feel closer to God when I am sitting on the beach.

I have thousands of pictures in my closet. THOUSANDS! I have every scrapbook supply I could ever need, and yet, my pictures sit in boxes on shelves. I hate that.

I am easily inspired. I am, however, frustrated at my lack of transforming inspiration to action that changes my life. ( I am hoping that signing up for and training to complete a triathalon will be my first tangible step in seeing inspiration through to change!)

I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl...just in case you were wondering or cared.

I have wasted hours of time on t.v. and the computer. Is that bad?

I should be in bed right now.

Popsickles and sprinklers are 2 of life's simple pleasures that adults should enjoy more often! I did today and it was great.

I want to be known as a smart person, but don't feel smart anymore and would like to do something about that.

Time management has never been a strength. Maybe the note pads with lists would help.

Shopping and eating are 2 things I always want to do more of but should always do less of.

I LOVE music. It can brighten your day, change your mood, make you pedal faster on a bike, inspire, motivate, teach, relax, soothe, make ya move, and it's just plain super.

I wish I could turn my brain off, enjoy quiet, be still, and just be.

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