Saturday, May 23, 2009

preschool graduation

UPDATE: Last night after we said our prayers before bed, Jackson called me back in and said" mom, will you pray that tomorrow will be a school day?"

My baby is no longer a baby. Okay, yes, I am in denial. He hasn't been a baby for awhile. But where did my baby go? Time really does go too fast. I didn't realize it until I became a mom. The days are flying by and I just want it to slow down. Jackson is well on his way to kindergarten and I am still wishing he was in a bouncy seat. On mother's day logan asked me to rock him. I did and loved every minute of it. I didn't start crying until he looked up at me and said, "don't worry mommy, I'll just stay little!" He read my mind and comforted me as I held my 42 pound bundle of joy in my arms. I am so blessed. I thank God for my 2 miracles every single day. They have made me so happy and bring me joy like nothing else. I revel in the smiles, the tears, the messes, the giggles, and snuggles. Jackson and Logan are precious and I am honored that God entrusted them to me and John while on this earth.

Here are a few pictures from this week's preschool graduation. Jackson is very sad that school is over for the year. He looked forward to going to class everyday. He had a great year and we look forward to what God has for both of our boys in the fall. But until then, here's to a great summer vacation!

Me and my first born who I am so very proud of!
Jackson and Miss Noel- his wonderful pre-k teacher at First Baptist

My 5 year old...Where did the time go?

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