Tuesday, May 26, 2009

photo tips from mcmama!!!!

I LOVE reading Mcmama's blog, but I adore when she posts photography tips and then I get to play around with my camera. Jump over there to read an amazing post and then check out a few pictures below of me experimenting!!!! Today's lesson was "blurry backgrounds". These are all raw, just out of the camera with no editing, (since I haven't had time to learn photoshop yet)! I would love any critiques from the 2 or 3 of you out there!!!

I LOVE that the water droplets were caught frozen in time! The boys were very unwilling subjects, but I think not bad for them being sick this weekend and enjoying our first full fever free day! It's amazing what a 12 dollar slip-n-slide can offer for entertainment! Summer is here!
(oops, did the same pic twice, oh well.)


Kristi said...

Your bottom picture is really cute!! I love your sons expression and the water splashes!!

Anonymous said...

Hooray hooray!! You did GREAT!! Glad I could be of some help:) Thanks fore mentioning that you had these up. I love them! And yes, I always LOVE when I can "catch" water droplets!

It's not water weather here yet, though. Soon enough!

johnmarblecrna.com said...

great pics... i didn't possibly think that there'd ever be a way to encourage you to take even more pictures than you already do, but something tells me that camera will be out even more now.

Kristina said...

These are great!

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