Monday, April 20, 2009

monday, monday.

Sitting down for the first time today at 10:30 p.m. Crazy busy day but worth it. Jackson had his first official appointment with Ms. Jill, his occupational therapist at Abilities and it went GREAT! Jackson loves her and was very willing to please her and try what she asked him to do. I loved all of her activities that she worked into one session and feel that it was very helpful for jackson. My brain is so tired so I won't go into great detail tonight, but I am so thrilled that we are getting settled in to a place that seems to be right where Jackson needs to be. Jackson had a half day of pre-k, then to baton rouge for his therapy, home for a little while, and then a t-ball game. He is one busy little guy and doing so well. The session included playing in dry rice, beans, and corn with his hands (very cautious at first saying it was "yucky" and "gooey"), whistling with 5 or 6 different whistles, "brushing" (will find info to post later), then actual food therapy with new and favorite foods. Jackson was eager to try what I had brought and I was shocked at how well he did. He ate a whole chocolate pudding, half a strawberry yogurt (after several min. of sticking his fingers in it to test it out), tried a raisin (but spit it out after 3 sec), and even ate 1 bite of 1/4 grahm cracker after comparing it to his morning sticks and seeing similarities!
I am very encouraged, although this is going to be a long process. Please pray we get "in-network" benefits approved so we have money to pay for his college one day without going broke on his pre-k therapy. :) I start the insurance requests in the morning!
For now I am going to leave you with a picture of my 5 year old t-ball star!!!!
NOTE: this is my kid who last year couldn't stand still or pay attention longer than 3 seconds. His first game was awesome. Jackson caught the first ground ball hit of the game and scooped it up, threw it to first, and gave ust he biggest thumbs up and smile!! My heart melted and I am so proud of how much he improved

2 comments: said...

just so you know... i'm praying for your 'in network' insurance benefits to be approved. it will be on my mind all day long. btw, how much will it cost if it's not approved as 'in network'? this might be something worth discussing with your husband before he finds out while reading your blog.

Kristina said...

haha! I'll pray for your in network benefits as well! Sounds like you found the perfect place for jackson! Love me some bean/rice play! I had some masters of bean and rice kids in my therapy room in Raleigh...amazing how they can manage to pick out a hidden toy using anything and everything but their fingers if they truly want to avoid touching it! Go Jackson, we are cheering for you over here in Asheville!

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