Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter...

Today the boys had their easter parties at school. They were lots of fun, complete with easter egg hunts and lots of candy. I love where the boys go to school, First Baptist, and they LOVE going. Logan had a great time looking for the eggs and couldn't wait to see what was inside of them ALL. Jackson, on the other hand, was totally content to leave the eggs in his basket and wait a little while.
When I picked the boys up they sat in the courtyard at school and wanted to dive in to their baskets. Logan was eating the candy as fast as his fat little fingers could open it. On the way down the hall he opened a packet of smarties and they all went flying. Logan dropped to his hands and knees and frantically picked up (and ate) the fallen smarties as fast as he could. Jackson opened and closed, next, open, close, next egg, open, drop, next egg, etc., until he had opened his entire easter basket hoping to find something he wanted to try. Thinking he was missing out (while watching his brother double fist the chocolate and laffy taffy) he finally settled on starbursts. I opened the orange one for him. He took a bite, flashed me this cheesy grin, and I applauded his effort at trying something new!! What you don't see is the immediate next frame where he spits the bite back into the plastic egg and runs to the nearest trash can. He has also discovered, at home now, that the jelly beans work great for his geo trax trains to haul over the rainbow bridge and then dump into his thomas the train freight cars! Oh well, guess that just means more sugar for logan and no increased risk of cavities for jackson. We will keep trying!

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