Tuesday, April 14, 2009

evaluation and therapy

Yesterday was a very long but productive day. We (my mom, jackson, logan, and myself) packed the car and headed to Baton Rouge (hour and a half drive). We stopped at Target, and then half way in Hammond to eat lunch and stretch and then to BR by 1:15 for Jackson's speech and occupational therapy evaluations at Abilities clinic. After months of phone calls, referrals, email and google searching, and with tons of help from a few special people, I discovered this clinic and realized it was something special and knew jackson should go there. I wanted him to get evaluated for his "eating issues" and get follow-up evals for his ongoing speech therapy for his expressive language delay. As some of you know, jackson has already been in speech for more than 2 years to deal with his language delay and has done well. We have been concerned about jackson's "social awkwardness" and his extreme anxiety with food and eating so we decided to seek additional resources to help him in anyway possible.
His evaluation went well and it is so encouraging to know that there is help out there for parents like us who are dealing with a "sensory kid". Right now it seems a good way to describe what we are experiencing with jackson is a sensory processing disorder. I am so happy that we can set goals for jackson and have a workable therapy approach to help him deal with his anxiety and other issues.
As always, we would love your prayers for patience in dealing with the baby steps it will take to make progress in the therapy with jackson. 99 % of it will be at home with me and I will be the main "therapist" following through with the Abilities therapists recommendations.

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Kristina said...

I'm so glad you got some answers! Thanks for the link to my paper as well!

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