Monday, February 16, 2009

call him...

So this morning I was in my bathroom drying my hair and logan came in to talk to me. I turned the hair dryer off when I saw a frown and asked logan what was wrong.

" I hurt my wweg(leg), mama."

" I'm sorry baby, what happened"

" I tripped in the playroom and hurt my weg," pointing to his shin.(imagine that, tripping in the many toys)

" Can you pray for me, mama?!"

" Sure!" I said proudly as I thought back to telling logan he can always talk to Jesus whenever he needed to.

" Can you ask Jesus to make it all better?" Logan asking so sweetly.

" Yes, I will" and as I got ready to start praying for Logan, he seemed impatient all of a sudden and exclaimed;


I was taken by surprise and laughed as my 3 year old was upset that I wasn't reaching for the phone. We had a little chat about prayer and not needing a phone and after a little prayer for his bobo, logan ran off on his merry way as I sat with a smile on my face at my little angel who reminds me everyday about what an awesome God we serve.

There is nothing too small to raise up to heaven. God is teaching me so much through my little guys and I thank Him everyday for what blessings they are!

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