Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My sweet boys

The camera is always out at my house. Just wanted to post a few of my recent favorites to share. Hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Don't you just LOVE my new blog makeover from DANIELLE? Her link is below. Thank you danielle for fast and fabulous work!!!!


johnmarblecrna.com said...

it's a great looking site! even more important, you do an excellent showing love to our two boys both in person and on paper (or on-screen). outstanding job.

JayJenkins said...

What a fantastic site and what a gifted writer you are. I am such a lucky dad and grandpa!!

Twice Blessed China Mom said...

Your children are beautiful! A friend told me about Journal 10. It is a journal where you're given a small amount of space for each day, and that might be a nice resource for you, too. Journal 10 is a ten year journal!!! I can't keep up with it every day, but keep post-it notes and catch up, as possible. It's been so much fun hearing the unique way my girls have said things, too. Both my girls went through speech therapy. My favorite is when my (then) three year old would shout out, "Something in the eye! Something in the eye!" if she felt something like dust in her eye. We still laugh about it! Have fun with your blog. I've really enjoyed getting mine started.

Rachel said...

Just thought I would stop by to say hi. Stacey gave me your blog address.Your boys are so precious! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!---Rachel

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