Monday, December 22, 2008

mouth of babes...

So we are in a regular bedtime routine. Bath, story, brush teeth, potty, daddy carries them to bed after 5 min of eenie, meenie, minee, moe, and then prayer time. We have taken the time to teach the boys the Lord's Prayer and it is so precious to hear my 3 and 4 year old say it. I wish i could spell the way my sweet, speech therapy attending, children say their prayer because it makes me smile every night. I have also been sharing with the boys that Jesus is always there for us and we can talk to Him about anything, anytime. Logan has now started conversational prayer and it humbles me to hear my three year old talk to Jesus about everything. This week has included, "thank you jesus for my presents that santa will bring, thank you for my christmas tree with the lights and ornaments that make me so happy, etc." Well last night was especially touching, insert sarcasm! My little logan rambled off the Lord's Prayer and then went into his thanks yous to jesus. It went something like this,
"dear Jesus, thank you for my mom and dad. thank you for granny and grandaddy. thank you for maw maw and papa, thank you for my mom and dad (yes, we got mentioned twice) and thank you for helping me to poop. thank you jesus for white medicine (desitin) that helps my bootie feel so much better and thank you for my wipes! In Jesus' name, AMEN"

Aww, out of the mouth of babes, huh?!
It's good to know Logan can bring anything to God and is truly grateful for even the little things in his life!

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lbanistr said...

Sara -

Joe, Kaelyn, and I were just sitting on the couch reading this and we laughed so hard I cried!!! Our little ones are growing up so fast! Kamryn is muttering a few words and Kaelyn doesn't stop talking!!!

We miss you!


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