Wednesday, January 11, 2012

30 Weeks! and WIWW

So here I am, 30 weeks preggo and anxious to meet this little guy (who doesn't appear to be all that little!)  This is exactly how I did my last 2 pregnancies, although, it appears I still baffle the masses with my girth.  All the well intended comments on my girth are starting to wear on my psyche but it's all for a good cause and there really isn't much I can do about it but smile and say, no, not ready to head to the hospital yet!  I have truly enjoyed the thumbs, flutters, and rolling over of this baby and cherish it to know that this is my last.  My body seems to be breaking under the pressure of growing a baby and I am content in knowing God had 3 miracles for us!!!  Not much as far as a WIWW post since I am running out of clothes.  It is a daily moan and sigh to find something to put over this belly.  I broke down and ordered 3 new things from Gap Maternity to try to get me through the next 8-9 weeks.  Church clothes are now my only maternity jeans that fit and whatever sweater I can squeeze on over a tight maternity shirt.  Laughing, coughing, and even breathing are becoming more difficult and almost humorous! 

I have been working on the nursery and am SO excited how it's turning out!  I'll post a sneak peak here but need to take some good pictures with my camera and not iphone!! 

Happy Wednesday and check out The Pleated Poppy for her WIWW linky party!!!!

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