Thursday, October 28, 2010

in the spirit of writing things down so i don't forget, here is one memory about jackson.  when he was 2, his favorite number was 2.  When he turned three, his favorite number changed, yep, to 3! and so on.  here we are with a 6 year old who loves the number 6.  to the point of when he eats, he wants 6 grahm crackers, or 6 chicken nuggets, etc.  heaven help us all when he turns 18!!  anyway, he has shown some OCD tendancies, and i wonder to what extent those will play out as he gets older.  so far, he is thriving at first baptist christian school.  i truly attribute his progress in so many areas with his amazing, God-chosen teachers he has had the last few years.  he's a quirky, small, funny, goofy, and very smart boy that we are so blessed to call ours.  here is a pic from this week...not the best.  poor guy has had croup and fever all week!!

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