Thursday, October 28, 2010

how in the world???

so somehow, in the year since i finished my first sprint triathlon, i've managed to find 13 extra pounds on my body.  how in the world????? yikes. life just happens, i guess, and then there's the fact that i haven't made it to the gym in over 4 months. have i mentioned 1st grade is kicking my butt? well, my 6 year old's and being his mom has us both a little overwhelmed. then there's bible study for me, piano lessons, t-ball, soccer, trying to keep the house picked up, etc.  I eat the same and just haven't had a chance to work it off. sigh.  not a good plan going into the holiday season.  so i'm going to start thinking about getting a move on, literally, and hack away at this extra baggage.  i added a little help from a product i've heard good things about...Plexus Slim, so i'll keep ya posted and updated.  I also started taking Bio Cleanse from the same company and am hoping my IBS will start to improve.  I really want to do better about keeping up with the everyday things going on.  I read so many blogs and just haven't had the motivation to write...but so much is going on from day to day.  I would love to bookmark things in my life as a record...since i've miserable failed in the scrapbook department.  jackson has been sick all week so i've been up at night with him and lazy during the day watching movies.  i've enjoyed our time together even though he is sick, but now have a disaster of a house to show for it!  i'm jumping off for now, to start make up homework with my 1st grader....catch ya later!

and let this be the pitiful before picture to remind myself...i really need to start linking up to the Pleated Poppy and her WIWW!

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Kristina--Picky Tots said...

Are you crazy? You look beautiful! You know, one of my friends in Asheville suffered from IBS for years, she decided to get tested for Celiac and found out that she had it! I love love your Christmas decor by the way!

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