Wednesday, September 1, 2010

my baby goes to school...

My baby started Pre-K today, sniff, sniff.
He wasn't quite sure about going but had a fabulous day!

Here he is walking into school, still a little unsure...
He had just asked me, "But mom? what days do I get to stay home with you?"
That broke my heart.  His program is 5 days a week (half day on monday) and he is so used to being home with me.  I missed him today but I know he will have so much fun meeting new friends!

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Shasta Looper said...

Couldn't help but to notice that you are from Louisiana - south to be exact. Looking at the pics of your baby starting to school looked awfully familiar - like it was the school I taught at when I lived there. Any chance you are from Livingston Parish?

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