Wednesday, September 15, 2010

wiww...NYC edition

we had just gotten off the plane and couldn't wait to hit the city! jeans and t-shirt are my staple and flying day was not exception! v-neck tees from the gap and jeans from Maurices. sunglasses 5 dollar special at Marshalls!

layers were key in NYC! the days started cool and got hot in the afternoon! here i am sporting my fleurty girl Saints shirt last thursday for game day!

this was on our way to a broadway show!

windblown, wet, and cold on the ferry to see the Statue of Libery.

central park! my hubby did such a good job cropping out the hot pink tennis shoes that were essential for all our walking!!!

yep, that's the bakery from Sex in the City and yep, their cupcakes are to die for!!!


Lauren said...

Cute outfits for the city! You fit right in with your chic black...a definite color staple in my closet! Makes me ready to go year when my hubs runs the NYC Marathon! What a fun, fun place...I could sit on a bench all day just to watch people...and what they are wearing!

Jessica Hills said...

Looks like a fun trip! Cute outfits too!

Paige said...

I totally sat on that same rock outside Central Park only I had horse poop all over the bottom of my shoes and did not know it. It was nasty when we finally discovered it!
Looks like you had a great time!

Keshka said...

I love Magnolia too!

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