Friday, May 7, 2010

Show us your life kid's names

I have 2 precious boys that God so graciously blessed us with! They are my whole world and I love them to bits.  I always thought I would have girls.  God has a sense of humor.  My oldest is Jackson Scott.  Jackson was a name I always loved.  In my twenties, it was one of those names that was always in my head if i had a boy.  After 24 hours of labor and a very traumatic delivery, my husband let me name our first born whatever the heck I wanted to!  :)  My hubby picked the middle name.  Scott is my hubby's best friend and more like a brother to him.  We wanted to honor a key person in my husband's life who put his life on track way back when!
Baby #2, I knew he was another boy almost immediately and deep down wanted to pick a special name in honor of my dad.  I have 2 sisters so my dad was always surrounded by GIRLS!!!  He is James Logan.  My sister already used James so I really wanted a Logan.  After having 3 daughters, my parents are now blessed with 6 grandSONS! and a granddaughter!  There was no real reason he became Logan Maxwell, other than I thought it had a nice ring to it.  Again, my wonderful husband let me name our children after carrying and birthing them (which was less than pretty!) so there you have it, my son's and why we named them what we did, short and sweet version!  TGIF!
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Kari said...

I love your stories of how you came to name your boys! I loved the thing you added towards the end {less than prettyy} comment. It made me laugh outloud. I'm sorry if you had a hard time with both deliveries! How sweet to be able to name your son after your father!

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