Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

Whew! What a weekend! (and it's not even over yet!)
Happy Memorial Day!
My dad is a retired Navy Commander so I love this holiday and our country.  I've been blaring 'I'm proud to be an american' by lee greenwood on my ipod all weekend! Thank you to all the service men and women who make our country what it is! We couldn't live here without ya! :)

My garden is in full bloom and looking great, but boy is it HOT! And not even June yet!

My neice, riley turned 8 on friday! We had a cousin party to celebrate. Donuts for breakfast, popsicles for snack, pizza for lunch and swimming all day!
Here are all 7 cousins together on one couch, amazing and miraculous!
We sure do LOVE gramma's pool!

Saturday we had some friends over and I made my first Shish Kabobs EVER! They turned out great! Will definately be making them more! Everyone loved them.
The Buchanan's
The Jackson's

all 5 boys who played great together all night!

This morning we went to church and it was great. We all wore our red, white, and blue in honor of memorial day weekend!

We still have a birthday party to go to and didn't even include moving day for my little sister! Woohoo, they bought a house and we helped them move saturday morning! Whew, what a weekend! How about you?

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