Monday, May 17, 2010

end of school

wow, this school year is almost over! today is logan's last day of 3 year old preschool and jackson has kindergarten graduation on wednesday! i can't believe it.  my life is going by so fast and my boys are growing up way too fast.  i am a little stressed about summer already being here.  the boys have had their moments the last 2 weeks with fighting and not getting along and i know i'm going to have to keep everyone busy this summer to keep the peace around here.  we have already done swim lessons so swimming will be a big part of our schedule.  t-ball ends in 2 weeks and that is good and bad.  the practice and game schedules have kept us busy almost everynight but the boys love it and it's great exercise.  jackson is my academic kid so i'm going to have to schedule some workbook time to keep him happy. maybe some regular trips to the library? what do all of you do to keep busy and happy during the summer?!

we scheduled our annual beach trip for early this year and i'm praying the oil spill won't be a problem. it is all so sad and i've grown tired of watching the news about how it will affect everything. so discouraging.  anyway, we are only going for a few days this year because of my hubby's job but it will still be good to get away. the boys are already counting down days to the sand, surf, shells, and sun!!! hope you have a great week!

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dwhite said...

We love the library - esp in the summer. Ours has a summer reading program where the kids can earn free books for so many read (or read to). Maybe you should schedule a trip to MO/KS - that would take up some time!!

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