Wednesday, March 24, 2010

random updates

so march has not been any different that other months in 2010 so far...crazy busy!!!!
just a little update on what we have been doing!

Jackson had a field trip to the New Orleans Insectarium last week! He got this blue Icee after watching his teacher and classmates eat bugs at the bug cafe. Didn't go over so well for him. (or mom) :) we had a great time!
Jackson scored his first goal EVER!! Soccer ended this week but not before jackson got the hang of playing and scored one goal in a game and then 2 goals the last game of the season! we are so proud!! T-ball started this week so we move from one sport, on to the next!
I've been attempting to redo this chair for 3 months now and am stuck here...
soccer trophy at end of the year party!
This was jackson's kindergarden Bible character presentation.  He was Daniel and gave a great presentation on being in the lion's den and God protecting him! again, so proud! (there is Ms. Brandi, his teacher that we all adore)

here is my baby, logan, floating in the tub...he's been in the tub a lot this month.  That's his happy place when he is sick.  And boy has he been sick (and shared the germs with me)  After last week's strep throat, we have now moved onto a new antibiotic for another fever with bronchitis.  The breathing machine is humming again and my poor baby just needs to get better soon!  He is going to be starting T-ball and is so excited to be a Yankee!

"mom, do i have to take a nap today?"
"no baby, why don't we just watch a movie!"
3 minutes into the movie :)

Gramma Jeanne went home today...we will miss seeing her whenever we want to.  We had a great 2 months of her here with my parents! Back to New York and the cold for her!
(i've been sick thus the puffy look to my face!)

so there is a little recap of what the marble's are up to.  there was also dad's birthday, 100 day kindergarden party, more school fun, lots of yard work, etc. that i will catch up on in another post!!
happy wednesday!

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