Friday, March 5, 2010

I have issues...

So I have had tons of thoughts swirling around my brain the past few weeks and figured I would sit down for a moment and try to get them out on paper.  Maybe you guys can help me or relate a little bit.  Even as I type, I am distracted by what I should be or need to be doing at this very moment.  But, I plopped down on my computer to "escape" all that should be done.  Now I did just go to the grocery and put stuff away.  I have chicken marinating to grill and moved a load of clothes through the laundry.  So here I sit, a reward or something like that, to type and clear my head. 
First item up for business...I have so much to do and so little time!!!! Actually I have so much I WANT to do and so little time management that there is always things that have to be done and I don't get around to what I want to do.  For example, I am so pitifully behind on scrapbooking I want to cry and throw in the towel.  But then I get inspired or motivated and want to catch up but can't justify sitting down to do crafty things when the house is a mess, bible study homework is undone, and so many other things need to be attended to.  I guess my root dilema lies in my lack of organization and house upkeep.  There is ALWAYS house work.  How do you all do it?? I only have 2 kids and it seems everything is in disarray all the time.  So I then get frustrated with all the laundry, housework, general life upkeep (bills, phone calls, etc.) and end up so sad that I can't craft and have to clean.  What is the best way to keep the house clean and functioning so when the boys are in school I can sit down and get things accomplished??? I get so inspired on all these blogs that I read and want to try all kinds of projects but can't justify it with a pile of laundry to do. sigh.
I know the computer is one of my problems.  Time management is HUGE! Nothing seems to work for me though.  And then I want to add training for a triathlon on top of that! Working out and starting the day after that seems to take half the day!  I find myself frustrated and ineffective as a stay at home mom that maybe works 1 day a week and can't get anything accomplished.  Anyone else feel like that?? Thoughts? Helpful hints?

To go along with kelly's show us your life I thought I would share my average day.

7-8 am wake up.  I am bad about sleeping until the boys wake me up and sometimes if they sleep in it is crazy in the mornings trying to get everyone dressed and out the door.
8:45- leave to take jackson to kindergarden (it only takes 3 minutes to get to school otherwise I would be in huge trouble here! Logan goes MWF to preschool and starts the same time)
9-2:30 on wed and fri both boys are in school and you would think that would be when i could get TONS done. never happens.  I usually run errands that I hate to do if the boys are with me. grocery shop etc.
wed and fri logan and I have the day together and read, garden, play, etc. maybe go to the gym.
during the week we have soccer practice, church bible study, etc so the evenings can get busy too. my husband has a crazy schedule with everyday being a different shift at the hospital so we never have a regular schedule for meals and dinner. That is one thing that bothers me a lot.  The boys are getting older and I think they need a night meal routine.  We do have a regular routine of family time after dinner, baths, homework, reading, and prayers, scripture memory and bedtime with the boys.  They love that time together.  That is it in a nutshell.  I am freaking out because I need to go be productive!  Happy Friday!!!!

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