Thursday, February 18, 2010

just another thursday

well we are about half way through another week. boys are out of school this week for mardi gras break. we haven't done anything fun or special...feeling bad about that. i'm working tonight. it is supposed to warm up a little today so maybe we can go outside. we avoided new orleans monday and tuesday when my hubby was off just because of the mardi gras crowds. would have like to go to the aquarium but not with parade central down there! so here we are, just another thursday. enjoying some new songs on my ipod and just started reading Beth Moore's new book, So Long Insecurity. I didn't think it was going to be exactly for me but wanted to join her online book club she is doing through her blog. Well, 11 pages in and I realized it is exactly for me! Beth is so down to earth and tells it like it is! Check out the blog button on my sidebar for Living Proof Ministries. Also, my ipod is smoking with the playing of my new fav artist, check out meredith andrews! You're not alone and Can anybody hear me, 2 amazing songs and I can't wait for her whole new cd to be released. i will try to post another video later! Hope you are having a blessed week!

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