Wednesday, July 22, 2009

photoshop class homework!

I've been taking an online photoshop class and I love it!! Wanted to pass on the info for all of you out there who like taking pictures like me but just don't have the eye like becky or mcmama. Or you may want to hop over to maggie's blog and check out her amazing photo actions you can buy to apply to your photos to make them look great!! This first picture is one I did using maggie's extreme color pop action for photoshop elements 7.0. LOVE it!
If you are feeling a little brave, like I apparently was when I signed up for the class, you can jump over to jessica's site and be wowed and amazed like I was. I am 6 days into an amazing class called textures and special effects and am floored at all you can do with photoshop elements. (she has it for the big photoshop too!) I am a slow learner and the class has already concluded for this session but I am still plugging along at my own pace. She has a ton to choose from and I lucked out and got in on a FREE class thanks to elias' mommy who advertised it!

This is lesson 6 with a combination of several different effects used together! Loved the pics from last year's christmas card attempt photo shoot so I decided to bring back a few old ones to work on! What do you think? I am so excited I can't stand it. Just what I need, another reason to be on the computer!

Same concept, different look, took all of the color out of this one! Still experimenting here.

Vintage look with hand tinting, bringing back color in lips! Logan wasn't happy about being my subject that day but you would never know from this ralph lauren look, huh?!

Stamping and adding text, just grabbed any picture to work with for the word celebrate!

frames and borders. still have a long way to go, took some color liberties with this one and I think he looks pale and unhealthy, will have to work on that a little.

This one was adding texture after working with turning it sepia!

And that, my friends, is 2 weeks of hard work and still so much more to learn!

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