Sunday, June 30, 2013

Let's getaway...guest blog post

I'm so excited to introduce my first ever guest blogger post! Kendra Thorton has given me some great ideas for all the travel I have coming up that will include my three boys! Enjoy!

Minimal Stress, Maximal Fun: Five Tips for Traveling with Your Kids

Summer comes with many opportunities to spend quality time with your family.  As you visit new places and find time to relax, you'll bond with your kids and make lasting memories.  You may be concerned, however, that traveling with kids will be stressful.  Where will you stay? How will you keep them entertained? By carefully planning ahead, you'll be able to minimize frustration and fully enjoy your travels.  

The following five tips will help you plan a relaxing vacation with your kids.

1) Opt for a family resort
If you're struggling to create an itinerary for your vacation, look into a family resort.  High-quality resorts offer extensive indoor and outdoor recreational opportunities for kids and adults.  Their accommodations and on-site dining options are well suited for families with kids.  Although you'd be able to enjoy day trips to local attractions, you'd also have the option of remaining on the premises.  My family’s trip to Hawaii gave our group of 5 a plethora of entertainment, relaxation and adventure options from morning to night while still providing the high quality accommodations of the other top Honolulu hotels. For any given day at a family centered resort, your plans could be flexible and relaxed.

2) Make your car comfortable for sleeping
Do you anticipate being on the road for hours? Your kids may not be used to falling asleep in the car.  To make them feel like they're truly in bed, bring along blankets and pillows.  Creating their own comfy space in the back seat will be fun and allow them to relax on the long ride. Invest in window blinds that could block out some of the sunlight streaming into the back of the car.  If certain music relaxes them, have it with you to play in the car.

3) Select the best seats on the plane
Book your flight in advance to increase the odds that you'll all be sitting together on the plane.  Furthermore, try to request seats located at the back of the plane.  That way, you'll be close to a bathroom and wont have to maneuver past the beverage cart every time someone needs to go.  The back of the plane is typically less desired by single travelers looking to expedite the process, so you may even have a few extra seats to spread out.  When boarding and departing, you'll feel less pressure to quickly gather all of your belongings and get your kids ready.

4) Prioritize safety
Let's say you're staying at a beach.  Research the location in advance.  Does the beach have lifeguards? Is it known for any unsafe water conditions, including violent rip currents and large waves? Is there a medical station nearby? You can also use your trip as an opportunity to teach your kids important safety skills.  For instance, give them lessons on safely playing and swimming in the water.

5) Bring along technology that will keep your kids entertained
Are you concerned that your kids will get bored or cranky? E-readers and portable DVD players are among the devices that could keep them occupied and entertained for hours.  Don't leave the chargers at home.  Also, be sure to pack spare batteries.  If you're concerned that these devices will make too much noise, bring headphones.

  See! I survived a week at the beach using Kendra's great advice!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and a huge thanks to Kendra for her great article!

 Bio: Kendra Thornton: Travel advocate, TV spokesperson, PR businesswoman, proud wife and mama of 3. I am a long time travel expert who has been packing my bags and traveling the world since I was 3 months old! I've found my utmost desire in life is right here in my own home. I have taken my excitement for travel and brought it to you with some of my favorite travel tips and tricks. Enjoy!

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