Thursday, June 14, 2012

3 Months Old!

Mom, do we really have to do these pictures?? I'm really not too amused with this every month picture thing... OK, I guess I'll work with you... I'm 3 months old!! I'm a chunk and my mom calls me Mr. Moose sometimes! I was almost 15 pounds at my 2 month check up so I'm thinking I've put on another pound or so since then. I LOVE to talk and my favorite work is gooooooooooo. I drool a lot though, my mom is always wiping my chin! I'm really liking tummy time but haven't gotten the hang of scooting and holding my head up at the same time...kinda face plant in the blanket if ya know what I mean...I'm working on it though! I really don't like to nap, but when I do, I must be in my swing. Oh, or a quick trip in my car seat is always good too. Last night mom gave me Oatmeal in my bottle before bed and it was SO good. I sucked that baby down in no time. I did sleep 5 hours after that but that was a first...I'd rather snuggle with mom and be up every 2 hours. My 3-6 month clothes are fitting snug and we had to go shopping yesterday, I guess I'm growing fast or something.

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