Friday, April 23, 2010

The Prayer that Makes God Smile

today (friday, april 16th) is a day i will always remember...forever. the day my boys made a decision on their own to trust in the ask Jesus into their hearts.  angels are rejoicing and this is one proud mama.  this whole month has been questions, answers, prayers, nudgings felt by the holy spirit.  i've stayed calm, patient, providing answers but not leading or pressuring. always let the subject come up and revel in the precious moments of searching and questioning brought up by my two babies.  there have been the "mom, when i die, where will i go?" questions. and the "mom, duey is in heaven, right?" (aunt steph's dog that passed) and then the practical in logan that makes me laugh, "mom, if i ask jesus into my heart, that's how he helps me fly to heaven?" so cute. I answered, read scripture, and let God do the rest.  tonight, after a crazy day of field trip for jackson, school for logan, t-ball game for jackson, came home, baths, and in bed...normal routine, regular day. i went to get something for jackson and the boys were both in their room already. i go into their room to see tears streaming down jackson's face as he's holding a book.  a book i bought more than a year ago called The Prayer that Makes God Smile. Jackson was holding it and looked up and said "mom, i want to go to heaven when i die"  ok  baby, well, do you want to pray about it and ask jesus into your heart?? "YES, he exlaimed, all 3 of them!" to which i clarified God, his son, and the holy spirit,?! uh huh he said. Leave it to Jackson to want to cover all the bases and make sure he's getting in on the whole deal!  (on a side note, i asked him last week if he wanted to pray and he said No and was content to go about his day after getting a few questions answered) so i went to get john from the other room and we sat together as a family, logan saying he also was ready, and prayed to sinner's prayer together. my heart overflows with joy and love. we talked afterward about what it meant and they were so excited about the Book of Life that their names were now in. I told the boys the angels were having a party to which logan exlaimed, "yeah, a celebration party for us!" man i love those 2 miracles!  then they said they wanted to tell everyone about it. awesome. mommy is so proud of you boys and so grateful that God has trusted us with them. today will be a favorite memory of mine forever! :)

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